Erotic massage in the Pechersky district of Kiev - benefits, pleasure and new sensations

Erotic massage maximally relaxes the whole body. It involves those zones that are usually ignored in a simple therapeutic session. Today, erotic massage in the Pechersky district of Kiev is available to everyone.

What is it, how is it performed, to whom it is recommended and where is available

Erotic massage in the Pechersk district

Erotic massage gives one of the most pleasant sensations for a person. The session begins with a “classic” warming effect, gradually involving the intimate areas of the body. The room in which the session is held is very warm. The client must take a shower, can choose aromatic oils, incense. Such salons are located in the areas of the Pecherskaya and Arsenalnaya stations, not far from places such as the Palace of Ukraine, as well as Leo Tolstoy Square.

The procedure is performed by young masseuses (at the request of the client - masseurs) who have strong, but gentle hands. Sessions with the participation of two massage masters at the same time are available, which gives absolutely unearthly sensations. Erotic massage treatments are also offered to couples - this helps to return a faded passion, take a fresh look at your partner, feel your body and relax.

The main advantages of erotic massage parlors in the Pechersk region  

Establishments that provide massage services "from the tips of the toes to the crown", contrary to popular belief, are not analogues of brothels. There are no services of girls of "easy virtue", all massage therapists are certified professionals. For customers working late, very tired, this pastime is most convenient - there are salons in Bessarabka and Klovskaya, in the Lipok district and the Dnipro metro station. For an additional fee, massage specialists leave for the house, but the application must be left in advance.

The situation in erotic massage parlors - what awaits the customer

One of the types of eromassage in Pechersk

Upon arrival at the massage parlor, the client selects, pays for the selected service, an approximate list of which is as follows:

    express massage - performed relatively quickly, but allows you to relax the whole body, including erogenous zones;
    complex erotic - begins with a general relaxing, involving many acupuncture points, gradually moving to intimate places;
    European - consists of three stages, of which two are erotic;
    double (triple) enjoyment - performed by two or three pairs of hands, delivering an unforgettable experience to the client;
    VIP massage - in addition to the massage itself, it includes a “private dance”, a choice of wine or aromatic hookah, a shower in the company of one or two beautiful masseuses (for women - pumped-up masseurs);
    services for couples - sensual pleasure, suitable for both very young and more "age" partners. A masseur or a masseuse (optional) "kneads" each partner in turn, while the second one actively participates in the process or observes. After the massage is done by both, the master is removed, the couple is left alone, having the opportunity to make love in a beautiful interior with relaxing music, exotic scents of candles. In another embodiment, massage is done to two partners at the same time.

Those who are embarrassed to visit a massage parlor should be aware that such establishments guarantee complete confidentiality, taking care of their clients and the reputation of the parlor. Persons under the age of majority, as well as those in a state of alcoholic, drug intoxication, are not allowed here. Well-established salons are located in the area of ​​the Sports Palace and the Peoples' Friendship Station, on Khreshchatyk Street and not far from the Olimpiyskaya metro station.