Erotic massage in the Podolsky district of Kiev - relaxation and enjoyment

Erotic massage using aromatic oils is a pleasant and useful procedure necessary for the full life of a modern person. Today, the service is available in the Kiev region of Podil.

Why do we need erotic massage, benefits and sensations

Erotic massage on PodolSoft, slightly massaging the body, touching different parts of the body is one of the most pleasant sensations for a person of any age and gender. Light or intensive massage of erogenous zones provides not only a relaxing effect, but also gives the necessary discharge. This service is provided today by professionals working in the districts of Kurenevka, as well as the Windmills. In the process, all bodily clamps are removed - cervical, dorsal, pelvic, genital, vitality increases. Erotic massage improves potency in men and reveals sexuality in women.

How is an intimate massage in the salon, the main types

In massage parlors located near the metro stations Pochtovaya Ploshchad and Taras Shevchenko, they provide the following services:

    express massage - for those who have very little time. A session consists of a general massage effect and one relaxation. The total duration is 30-40 minutes;

    classic massage with two relaxations - lasts a little more than an hour, twice "moving" from exposure to the whole body, to the most intimate areas;

    “Royal” massage - in addition to general or classical, the client is offered two relaxations, kisses and a shower with a pretty masseuse, an erotic show, with the participation of one, two or even three girls;

    massage for women - performed by a tender girl or muscular guy, includes a general massage (from fingertips to hair roots), and one or two episodes of relaxation. At will - joint showering, private dance;

    massage with six hands - unique sensations guaranteed. Almost simultaneously, the whole body is stimulated, including intimate zones. The procedure lasts an hour and includes an unlimited number of episodes of relaxation;

    massage for a couple - increases sensuality, level of trust between partners. It is carried out by one masseur (masseuse) in turn to each or two masters to both clients at once. At the end of the session, lovers are left alone, can make love to each other - the atmosphere contributes to this.

As a complement to any of the sessions, a foot fetish (massage effect with delicate girl legs), nuru massage (performed with the whole body), peep shows, lesbian shows with the participation of the most sensual girls, as well as some wine or a hookah are offered.

The atmosphere in the erotic salon - what awaits the client here

The atmosphere in the Podol erotic salonArriving at an erotic massage parlor located in the Vinogradar area or near the Kontraktovaya Ploshchad metro station, the client seems to fall into a fairy tale. A mysterious atmosphere filled with delicate aromas of bliss, incredible comfort and pleasant music. The work of the salon is organized so that customers do not collide with each other - this is a guarantee of complete confidentiality. Having chosen a masseuse, the visitor receives a clean towel and disposable slippers, goes into a separate room and takes a shower. A masseuse puts the client's belly down, starting from the feet, moving along the hips to the back and buttocks. Then the visitor turns over, the massage continues in the area of ​​the arms, chest, abdomen, smoothly moving to the intimate areas. In the process, every fold of the body is worked out - even the space between the fingers and toes.