Логотип салона эротического массажа AFRODITA

Erotic massage in Kiev for men and women

Every day we are subjected to stress, and everyday gray days are driven into depression. In the midst of all this bustle of the city, one wants to go to heavenly place for some time to forget about all the problems. Therefore, we created our erotic massage salon "Afrodita" (“Aphrodite”), in the center of Kiev at the address: Mikhailovskaya Street 2.

Erotic massage in the salon "Aphrodite". You want to get truly incredible emotions, enjoy the company of a charming girl, plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation - then hurry to the Aphrodite. Having visited our salon once, the client will turn again and again to get new types of pleasure. After all, those feelings experience during a session of erotic massage, you will never forget.

How is the massage:

The client and the masseuse are completely bare before the session.
Girl - masseuse performs massage with different parts of the body. In the process involved buttocks, chest, lips, etc.
The final moment of the massage is to bring the client to "complete satisfaction"

Remember that erotic massage is not sex massage! This kind of pleasure, does not include sexual contact, and any sex services!

Want a feeling of complete pleasure from erotic massage?

Order an erotic massage in our salon. You can order a professional erotic massage in Kiev by calling +38 (097) 69-69-569.

Lovely girls will acquaint with the types of services offered. Having decided on the type of massage, the client chooses a suitable date and time. At the entrance a pleasant girl meets - the administrator of the salon "Aphrodite", will issue a new towel, disposable slippers and escort to the desired office.

Having got acquainted with the personal masseur, the client goes to the shower room to take a refreshing shower. After that, go into a cozy room in which relaxing music and romantic atmosphere reigns.

Having settled down more conveniently, the masseuse makes an erotic massage until she brings you to complete “blissful state”. The girls in our salon are specially trained in the subtleties of erotic massage. Therefore, you can safely entrust your body to our professionals, who with the art of erotic. Massage will excite you and your body. For comfortable relaxation, we use real essential aromatic oils. The goal, which create a pleasant aroma in the room, and relieve the nervous tension of the client Everyone knows that aroma oils have a beneficial effect on human health, for example, the aroma of verbena oil has a calming effect, but in combination with the aroma of lemon, it acts as a stimulating effect. Therefore, for each client, we carefully select the fragrance for the mood.Continuation of eromassage

Erotic massage is carried out with the help of a professional massage oil, with which the masseuse glides pleasantly through your body, as well as rubbing nutrients into the skin that will make it more elastic and healthy.

If you are tired, and there is no power to go anywhere, and you want to relax, no problem! Our salon cares about each client, so we have an excellent service "departure masseuse."

Having chosen this service, our girl-masseuse will come to your home or to the hotel, arrange a pleasant atmosphere and help you to forget after a hard day. We strictly maintain a privacy policy. The client can be assured that his personality and the visit to our masseurs will not be disclosed. As the saying goes: "What was in Vegas will remain in Vegas."

Do you want an unforgettable and unusual holiday, or you have a bachelor party?

Salon "Aphrodite" presents to your attention the service "Strip" or "Peep Show." There is nothing better than to get together in a big company and diversify your event, one of the best forms of dancing - striptease. A charming girl with a beautiful and flexible body spins you and your friends in your dance. Smooth, sliding movements on a pole with elements of nudity will make each heart beat more often. The highlight of the evening will be the service "Pip - show." While dancing a striptease, the girl gently caresses her body, making moans and sounds of arousal. The pleasure of seeing such a show for a long time will be repeated in your memory.Massager at work

Do you know what is the best gift for a man?

Especially for this occasion, we created gift certificates. No more bothering about giving a best friend, friend, brother or even your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can order a gift certificate from us for any type of massage in our salon.
Erotic massage in the center of Kiev will replace any nightclubs, and other meaningless entertainment.

Do you think erotic massage is for men only?
And no! We present to your attention erotic massage for girls. After home life or a busy day, do not deny yourself the pleasure and treat yourself to a professional massage.

The difference between sex services and erotic massage.

Body massage in the salon AFRODITAMassage naked body In search of getting quick pleasure, many people order sex services. Unawareness of people puts them at risk. This kind of relaxation is not only illegal, but also dangerous to health. Since you do not know with what “bouquet” they will come to you, and with what you will leave.

The erotic massage procedure is completely legitimate, and the fact that the client gets pleasure without penetration indicates complete safety from infection of various types of diseases.

Arrange a holiday for yourself and your body!

We invite you to get bright and unforgettable sensations in the salon "Aphrodite". Only here, you will get the most relaxing and professional eromassage in Kiev.

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