Erotic massage is a special kind of massage that stimulates development of one’s sexual potential, intensifies sensibility and sexual function. Erotic massage is indicated to everybody irrespective of family status, age and sexual experience. Erotic massage enriches sexual relationship, and stimulates sexual desire.

Erotic massage at all times…

Erotic massage has very long history and has been always an art that gives true delight. Erotic massage can be compared with a waterfall of absolutely new emotions, when your body relaxes and senses become utterly sharp. Rhythmical light and gentle movements of girls’ hands make massage exceptionally sensual. The reason for that is painful deliberateness of the happening and abundance of caresses.

Erotic massage evokes sexual potential of your body by distracting you from daily routine. Erotic massage will fill you with energy for peaceful and unhurried rest bringing special delights. Sexual fantasies will roam in your head, superpower erotic charge will accumulate in your body and the longer it takes the more explosive will be the culmination.

Erotic massage – Saloon Afrodita

The purpose of erotic massage is to stimulate sexual appetite of a partner and create favourable conditions for sensual pleasure, and for full-fledged and well-timed orgasm at the end. Effleurage of your body and erogenous zones stimulates reaching an orgasm. Erogenous centres or zones react to skin impacts with a palm of a hand that is very sensitive. This excitement is transferred to the whole body. For positive effect of erotic massage partners must be relaxed. Besides, one should know those zones (centres) that are extremely sensitive.

The objective of erotic massage is sexual stimulation. Sexual excitement may be attained by effleurage, touching sensitive parts of body (erogenous zones). Touching heals the body and soul and has favourable effect on intimate life.

Technique of erotic massage includes main techniques of classic massage which are effleurage, rubbing, pressing, vibration and petrissage.

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