Exciting therapy

60 min
1100 UAH

"Exciting therapy" is an erotic massage with one relaxation, a classic full body massage, kisses.

1 girl: 60 min - 1100 UAH.

Two girls: 60 minutes - 2100 UAH.

Erotic massage "Exciting therapy" - characteristics, methods, indications and contraindications

The method of erotic massage was developed 2500 years ago based on knowledge of Ayurveda and yoga. Exciting therapy is an original combination of methods of acupressure, reflexology, muscle stretching and meditation involving human energy channels. Erotic massage of this type is performed by various parts of the body of the masseuse.

Erotic Massage Exciting Therapy
Erotic massage "Exciting therapy"

Characteristics of "Exciting Therapy": the sequence of the procedure

Erotic massage is a deep massage that is performed without the use of olive or other excessively fatty oils. For maximum comfort, the person being massaged can remain in thin loose clothing. The therapy is carried out on a thin mattress, which fits on a low stand, so that the massage therapist can freely move around the patient. At the beginning of the procedure, the masseur slowly and rhythmically compresses the muscles using classical techniques and kisses, which helps to completely relax the patient’s muscle system.

The next step is stretching. Exciting therapy is not an ordinary hand massage. Masseur applies feet, knees and elbows. Often this technique is called "passive yoga" or "yoga for the lazy," since the patient is placed in different yoga poses.

Through the use of various techniques, erotic massage stimulates spiritual and intellectual functions, deeply relaxing a person and mitigating the effects of stress and tension. People after this procedure note a surge of vitality and restoration of mental balance. The procedure strengthens muscles, makes joints more flexible and even helps to lose weight.

The Next Stage of Massage Exciting Therapy


Massage technique: how is the procedure carried out, what is its difference from other types?

Exciting therapy involves point pressure and muscle strain. The person being massaged is placed in yoga poses, due to which a state of absolute relaxation and calm brain activity is achieved.

Reflexology methods are also used, that is, pressure on various points, the stimulation of which triggers the proper functioning of the body's internal systems. The masseuse uses knowledge of the energy lines passing through the body, massage of points on these lines provides a strong influx of energy.

Features of the procedure: who is recommended and to whom massage of this type is contraindicated?

The procedure will help get rid of diseases and ailments such as:

loss of performance;

accumulation of toxins;

metabolic problems;

depression, migraine, stress;

circulatory disturbance.

Not recommended for people suffering from:

infectious diseases;


heart defects;


progressive atherosclerosis;


skin diseases;

fragility of bones.

Thanks to Ayurvedic medicine and yoga, massage is a relaxing treatment. It is also a form of physical activity recommended for overweight people.