Outgoing massage

60 min
1600/2100 UAH

Visit the girl in your apartment. Includes: erotic massage, full body massage, touch.
Cost: 1300 UAH / 60 minutes / one girl
Cost: 1600 UAH / 90 minutes / one girl
Plus you pay the girl a taxi.

When you want to get rid of fatigue, to get physical and aesthetic pleasure an erotic massage will help you to get home from the chic girls from the Kiev Aphrodite salon.

Why you should order an erotic massage at home

Erotic massage at home

Arriving home from work, one does not always want to drive, spend time in kilometer traffic jams to relax. But a weekday is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure.

Now residents of Kiev can order a massage with departure. Erotic massage at home is no different from the services provided by the salon. At the same time, the exit procedure has several advantages:

- at home, the client feels much freer, being on the rights of the owner, and the masseuse is his guest. At home, it’s much easier to relax;

- You can create an intimate atmosphere that meets your own fantasies;

- On a weekday, you do not need to waste time and nerves on a trip to the salon;

- at home, the feelings are more intimate;

- after the end of the session, you can take a shower and go to sleep in the familiar atmosphere.

Important! Girls from the Aphrodite salon provide only legal body massage. Our masseuses are not priestesses of love, the whole range of services is completely legal, so our customers can not worry.

The nuances of erotic massage on the road: how to order a procedure, how it goes

Erotic massage with home visits

All you need to do is to call our administrator and give your address, tell you which type of massage and girl you prefer. You can call a specific girl. After this, the masseuse goes to the client’s house, and he can only prepare for a pleasant meeting.

Such a service will cost a little more, because the girl has to spend time on the road and work in unusual conditions.

 The masseuse will bring with her all the necessary paraphernalia, as well as disposable bedding, so as not to stain the client’s bed with oils. Our employees observe the perfect cleanliness of their bodies; upon arrival, the girl will take a shower again to appear fresh and warm before the client.

At the request of the client, home massage can be turned into a real show. You can call two girls who will demonstrate mutual affection before the massage. The various nuances and wishes should be informed in advance to the administrator by telephone.

Erotic games, body massage, four-handed technique, perfect relaxation and healing from ailments - all this can be obtained at home, just by calling us.

The advantage of massage is its cost. To order our services, you do not need to be a millionaire. Erotic massage on the road is quite accessible to a person with an average salary.