Role exchange

90 min
2500 UAH

For those who thinks a traditional erotic relaxation is too banal, or those who prefer a more active position, our program offers to become a master of massage for a lady.
The program "role exchange" suggests that the whole process will be controlled by both of you, at the same time giving and getting their portion of pleasure and relaxation. Gentle touches and strokes of the female body, will take any man to a peak of excitement.
Just because of the thoughts about touching and sliding along of sexy girl's body, it gets hot!
Bonus: touching all over the girl's body (except the bikini zone and the face) and shower with her.
The program includes two relaxations.

Erotic massage performed by two girls is the best way to stimulate vitality

Erotic massage performed by two girlsFor a considerable number of people who want erotic massage to give a special stimulus to the vitality of their body, it is preferable that it involves not one but two sexy girls at the same time. This is not at all reprehensible, because a similar type of massage of an erotic orientation has been practiced for thousands of years.

The preference for erotic massage performed by two girls was given by the pharaohs

Representing a rather exotic four-hand option, an erotic massage in which two women are involved has long been known as a massage of the priestesses of Isis, one of the most revered ancient Egyptians by the goddesses, the daughter of Nut, the goddess of Heaven, and Hebe, the god of the Earth. Being the wife of Osiris, she was considered the inhabitants of Egypt, a sorceress goddess who owns the secrets of "return to life."

As stated in ancient Egyptian texts and later writings of Josephus Flavius ​​(37-100 AD), a military commander who is better known to his descendants for his epistolary creativity, namely, the services of two young priestesses of Isis, certainly virgins who were tired of state cares of ancient times . For this, the “lord of both lands” for four days retired to the temple of the goddess, where during all this time they worked on his body

Double pleasure from two girlstwo, chosen by the autocrat himself, beauties smeared with incense and aromatic oils. Throughout this period, in a darkened room, under the murmur of water, he was massaged first with hands, hair, and then with female breasts, buttocks and genitals. Is it any wonder that the pharaoh after such procedures returned to the government of the state renewed and rejuvenated ?!

The ancient women would envy the art of erotic massage of professionals

Two girls double pleasure

Of course, over many centuries, erotic massage performed by two girls at once became more adapted to modern conditions and reduced in time to several tens of minutes, less often, to a couple of hours. Its advantages are:

    the possibility of more efficient working out with four hands (and two bodies) of a larger number of body parts (including, in particular, erogenous zones) of the client;
    the peculiarities of the client's sensations of awareness that he is caressed by two exclusively sexy women at once;
    the universality of such a “tandem massage”, which not only increases potency, but also performs the functions of physiotherapy in a number of diseases.

It’s rare that modern men and some women, having at least once experienced a storm of sensations during an erotic massage by two sexually attractive girls, refuse to repeat this procedure, designed for VIP clients, but affordable in price to a wide range of connoisseurs of all extravagant. Namely, during such a massage, the most daring fantastic dreams become skillful masseuses into reality.