Royal Standard

2500 UAH

- You undress a masseuse or striptease on your choice
- Erotic massage
- Full body classic massage
- Erotic massage
- Touching and kissing the body (except the  intimate zone and the face)
- Lingam massage or another body massage with relaxation
- Shower with a girl
- Complimentary champagne/whiskey with cola


Эротический массаж Джакузи-сеанс
The beginning of erotic massage "Jacuzzi-session"

An exciting and pleasant massage in the jacuzzi, after which you will feel completely relaxed

One of the most popular sessions among our clients is the Jacuzzi session, during which you enjoy an intimate atmosphere and a pleasant massage. A warm and bubbling whirlpool, with the addition of thick foam takes you away from all the problems and worries, and your body literally melts from the gentle touches of a masseuse girl.

Erotic massage performed by an attractive nymph gives heavenly pleasure! An exciting sight awaits you: the girl’s naked and wet body, on which the soft glare of the candle shimmers. Soft velvet skin that gently touches a hot male body causes a wave of intense excitement.

While you are in the jacuzzi, the girl will perform a relaxing full body massage. She gently massage the neck, back, shoulders, arms, chest and buttocks, immersing you in a real relaxation, which is available thanks to the Jacuzzi session. A leisurely and exciting atmosphere further enhances the relaxing effect.

Продолжение Джакузи-сеанса
Continuation of massage "Jacuzzi-session"

A delightful complex body massage as a way to relax and powerful sexual discharge

The next step in the pleasant Jacuzzi session is a full body body massage, which takes place in a separate room. This type of erotic massage is fundamentally different from the traditional. Erotic massage is performed using the naked parts of the body of the masseuse. During the body massage, oriental oils with a delicious aroma are used.

The girl is on top, gently touching her elastic breasts and gentle booty to the male body. You will experience real ecstasy when you feel the hard papillae gently gliding along your back, from the neck to the tailbone itself. The fusion of two naked bodies, but without sexual contact will awaken strong feelings and unforgettable emotions.

Следующая часть Джакузи-сеанса
The next part of the massage is the Jacuzzi Session.

A man can touch his partner, which helps a lot. There are no prohibitions on touching. When a girl makes pleasant manipulations with her body, you can admire her and feel like a participant in the process.

Such a great service as erotic massage is not just a pleasant way to diversify leisure, but first of all relaxation for the whole body. Each muscle of a tired male body is worked out, clamps, pains from the back and shoulders are removed. Trust the gentle hands of our masseuse girls who have completed a special training course. They know how to work with any client and deliver real bliss. After the session, clients feel rested and energetic.

P.S. When choosing this massage program, please notify the Administrator by telephone in advance!