You've been naughty! (Mistress)

2500 UAH

With graceful and sexual actions, Mistress of your body will demonstrate to you the real power and authority. You will be ruled by her passion and desire. Your body will be under her control until the sensation of sweet pain. And we don't advise you to resist, because the punishment for doing that will make you shudder.... Can you endure all her commands, her whims, her demands?
For obedience, you will be rewarded with the prize of unbelievable ecstasy!
You will be able to determine the course of actions: immerse yourself in a sensual massage or just let the beautiful Mistress dominate on you.


Erotic massage "VIP-program" - a fabulous rest and fulfillment of desires

During the procedure of erotic massage you are guaranteed to enjoy. But if you want to afford more, then order a VIP-program, which includes not only affection on the part of the girl, but also the opportunity to touch the beautiful body of the masseuse yourself.

Massage with a naked female body
Nude massage

Differences of the VIP-program from the classic erotic massage for men

Classic erotic massage involves toning and relaxing the body with the necessary relaxation to feel full satisfaction. As a result, you will feel a surge of strength and energy, get sensual pleasure and have a good rest in the company of a beautiful masseuse. In turn, the "VIP program" involves not just relaxation and relaxation, but also a real erotic adventure with the girl of your dreams.

During the session, you will plunge into a magical atmosphere where there is nothing but pleasure. A beautiful girl will take a shower with you at the beginning of the session, will give you a full body massage with oils, from which you will relax and tune into further pleasures. A masseuse will massage your body, starting from the neck area and ending with the feet, where there are many sensitive points.

Then the beautiful girl will proceed to the most interesting part - the erotic part of the massage. She will touch you with her whole body, you will feel her hips, breasts and belly gliding over your skin. Any man will be aroused from such caresses, and the girl’s task is to remove this tension. Sensual erotic massage will end with your relaxation, and not one.

But the "VIP program" is not only the caresses of the masseuse. As an addition, you will get the opportunity to touch and kiss the girl, and she will touch your body, exciting it and helping to reach the highest point of pleasure.

You can also drink champagne during the session, which will be provided to you as a pleasant bonus. The session will end with a joint shower with a masseuse, during which you can watch the beautiful bends of the female body under the jets of water, as well as touch it in order to preserve the sensations received during the erotic VIP program for a longer time.

Breast massage
Breast massage

Why should you try eromassage with an exclusive "VIP program"?

Despite the fact that an ordinary erotic massage gives genuine pleasure to a man, the "VIP program" is many times more pleasure. Here you can afford almost everything: kisses, touches, showers with a girl. The absence of restrictions will give an abyss of new sensations, and you will definitely want to repeat a session that you will never forget.

Remember that erotic massage is aimed at the complete satisfaction of the client, and therefore you do not need to think about anyone but yourself. For a masseuse, your pleasure is the main task, and therefore surrender to her hands, allowing the girl to make you happy again and again.

Erotic "VIP-program" was invented for men who want to escape from reality and just get pleasure. You can allow yourself much more and feel real satisfaction with the help of a special VIP program created to fulfill your desires.